Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

  • 70 yards per hour
  • $125/hr + $2.25/yd
  • 4 hour minimum

Boom Type Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

TB-80 Telebelt Conveyor Truck

  • 220 yds/hr stone or concrete placement
  • $150/hr + $2.75/yd
  • No minimum

4 section- 36 meters

  • 118 ft 5″ boom/100 ft reach over front outriggers
  • Max rate of 150 yds/hour
  • $165/hr + $2.75/yd
  • 4 hour minimum

4 section- 36m Z boom pump

  • 118 ft 5″ boom/100 ft reach over front outriggers
  • Max rate of 220 yds/hour
  • $165/hr + $2.75/yd
  • 4 hour minimum

The above hourly rates include a certified pump operator. After 8 hours of operator’s time including travel, there will be an additional hourly charge of $30 up to 10 hours and $60 over 10 hours to cover operator’s overtime. Contractor to supply labor for set-up, mixing and/or providing grout for priming the pump, handling of the hose during the pour and clean-up. Grout charge if supplied by Stone Concrete Pumping is $22. Hourly rates include: job set-up, actual pump time, waiting time if any, clean-up, and travel to and from our Clarendon, PA base.


  • After 3:00pm on day prior to schedule pour: 1 hr rental rate
  • Prior to leaving yard on day of scheduled pour: 2hrs rental rate
  • After pump leaves yard on day of scheduled pour: 3 hrs rental rate + travel time

Terms of payment are net 30, 1-1/2% per month over 30 days. These rental rates are governed by the terms and conditions set forth on reverse side of the daily job tickets.

Stone Concrete Pumping approaches each job with a professional attitude and well-maintained equipment compete with an experienced, courteous operator. However, due to the extreme operating conditions to which this type of equipment is subjected, we cannot be held responsible for loss of time, labor, and/or materials due to a mechanical failure. A back-up or stand-by pump may be ordered at a 4hr rental rate, plus travel time, is the lessee feels an undue financial hardship could result in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure.